Overview of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis for Kids with Seizures

My daughter tends to be the outlier, the exception, the unexplained result on everything so I did a lot of research before trying cannabis on her. I spent a great deal of time… Continue reading

So, what’s happening with the Marijuana oil?

I’ve been meaning to write an update on marijuana for Lydia’s seizures. There’s no news and no change, let me say that first. Lydia currently has about 50 seizures a day. She hasn’t… Continue reading

Video – Lydia Learning to use an Adapted Switch

As usual, excuse my goofy baby voice. As we are getting set up with Early Intervention in our new county, we are getting to try out some new stuff. Here is Lydia pushing… Continue reading

New House

We’d been needing a new vision for our family. Something different from our super-cute but wheelchair-impossible Portlandia bungalow. We meant to stay in Portland, we really did. But by the time we doubled the price… Continue reading

New Wheelchair

A few months ago, the only thing this photo would have provoked from me is a big fat crappy comparison. The leaping, joyful, world-is-my-oyster child and the Other Child. The one in the… Continue reading