Two to Adore

This photos says it all. Siblings. So similar. So different. I am an only child and most of my understanding of the sibling relationship came from reading East of Eden and watching my… Continue reading

Last Showing of Fierce Love

“Fierce Love” had it’s last run on Saturday. It was sold out, as were the two shows before it. It was an enthralling performance and my favorite of the five shows, but just… Continue reading

Cardiologist Visit

Recently we took Lydia in for a follow-up with the cardiologist to check on her ventricular septal defect (VSD), a tiny hole in her heart. It is nothing unusual, and was small enough… Continue reading

Lydia is 2!

Lydia is two-years-old today. We shared some cake with a few close friends on Sunday to celebrate. Our magnolias are blooming in the backyard and our house is filled with the fragrance of… Continue reading

Record of Light

This is a piece that came out of the play-writing workshop. I am sharing it while thinking of Eva and her mom. Some of you know how we became friends, but that is… Continue reading