Leukodystrophy…did I mention?

Dr. Coryell suggested that we don’t read her MRI report because it possibly sounds worse than it actually is. Possibly. And I’m not sure how much worse things could be besides the definite… Continue reading

Unicorn Talk

This just doesn’t seem like a girl on the wane. Here she is exercising her voice and will during a car trip as we were running errands.

MRI, Bad News but Keep Smiling

Tuesday Mark and I went to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for Lydia’s second MRI brain scan of her life. The first MRI had been the beginning for us, the first news of her brain… Continue reading

When We Were So Strange

I think it was difficult in the beginning because the sky had fallen, the worst thing had taken place – something happened to my child. Whether it’s a mosquito bite or a brain… Continue reading

Overview of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis for Kids with Seizures

My daughter tends to be the outlier, the exception, the unexplained result on everything so I did a lot of research before trying cannabis on her. I spent a great deal of time… Continue reading