in remembrance

I think about Eva nearly every day. This is partially because her mother Tessa writes the most beautiful memories of her on her blog, and partially because I came to know Eva’s story… Continue reading

Podcast – Part 2

The story of how Tessa and I became friends…                                              … Continue reading

Our Podcast episode!

Oh my. I am so very grateful to Tessa for many, many things, but today I am most grateful to her for letting me tell Lydia’s story. Here it is: Danae and Lydia… Continue reading

Happy Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa moved in with us in November! My sister-in-law and niece came to visit us all the way from England last week. Mark’s brother came this summer. New and old friends… Continue reading

Leukodystrophy…did I mention?

Dr. Coryell suggested that we don’t read her MRI report because it possibly sounds worse than it actually is. Possibly. And I’m not sure how much worse things could be besides the definite… Continue reading