Lydia Blackbird

For me, tarot is just another way to think of things. I’m not a believer in that stuff but anyway, I pulled the blackbird card for Lydia recently. (uh, yes I know there’s… Continue reading

This Sucks

I’m sorry. I’m doing my best to stay positive but this just sucks. I mean, she should’ve had a chance at a full-life and it isn’t fair. I know, ‘life isn’t fair.’ But… Continue reading

Big Brother

  Jack is an amazing big brother. He kisses Lydia every day. He shares his precious blankie with her. If she’s in a different room from us, he goes and checks on her.… Continue reading

In the Pheno-B hole

Lydia’s twice-a-day Topamax dose is not working to control her seizures. She still has about 20 seizures a day. So now her neurologist has added in Phenobarbital. It knocks her out. But she’s… Continue reading

13 Doctors, 3 Hospitals

Lydia has many doctors trying to help her: A general pediatrician for normal baby stuff (1), a pediatric neurologist for controlling seizures (2), a geneticist for figuring out a diagnosis (3), a developmental… Continue reading