What’s with the unicorn thing? Well it’s a little joke between my husband and I about the special little girl we made. The doctor’s have not decided on a diagnosis but they are looking at some crazy-rare genetic possibilities. Rare as in you are a thousand times more likely to win the lottery than make another girl like her. So we started calling our genetic near-impossibility our little unicorn. Aren’t little girls all about unicorns? Or maybe that was a child of the 80s thing. Anyway, she is as unique, lovely and pure of heart as you can imagine any good unicorn should be.

Lydia is a gentle little girl who can’t hold up her head, crawl or reach for things. She has many seizures a day. We don’t know quite why yet. All we know is that she has brain malformations and too little white matter. Without a diagnosis we don’t know if her condition is progressive. Some of the medical terms in her file are leukodystrophy, cerebral palsy, infantile spasms, cortical vision impairment, cognitive impairment and developmental delay.

But more importantly Lydia smiles at least once a day as per her mother’s requirement of her, and she really likes to listen to classical music and snuggle. She has a big brother and super fun father who love her madly.

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