in remembrance


I think about Eva nearly every day. This is partially because her mother Tessa writes the most beautiful memories of her on her blog, and partially because I came to know Eva’s story through Lydia. Actually we became part of their story because of Lydia. Lydia has brought the most extraordinary people into our lives and a bigger love than I knew existed. Today, in New Zealand, it has been one year since Eva’s passing. Today,  even more than other days, I’ll be thinking of Eva and her mom.

It is around 4am in New Zealand right now. I know because I keep Tessa’s time zone on my phone, and because Mark is sitting here next to me and he’s smart about these things. I wanted to have my candle lit before Tessa wakes up. I know it is not the most elegant of candles. We are in Colorado right now and it is what they had. But isn’t it curious how a little trail of fairy lights can be seen above the flame?

It is snowy white daylight here right now. The dawn must be just coming in New Zealand.