Lydia is 2!


Lydia is two-years-old today. We shared some cake with a few close friends on Sunday to celebrate. Our magnolias are blooming in the backyard and our house is filled with the fragrance of spring flowers, bouquets given by friends. When I asked Jack if we should get his sister a present, he thought a moment and then said, “Yes, she likes music.” So we have a birds-in-a-meadow soundtrack playing which is a white noise app, but it is making everything feel like a heady spring day, which it actually is.

We are so proud of our little Lydia. She is a delicious cuddler and such an easy-going kid. She carries a contentedness around with her that I’m trying to learn from. Luckily she is very patient. Her great-grandma Lydia also has a birthday this month. She will be 90. Happy birthday my dear Lydias, my two most precious and inspiring beings!

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