A miracle is happening. The cannabis oil is working. We’re stunned.

IMG_2766On Sunday Lydia had 16 seizures. On Monday she had 12. Today is day three. Even if this quiet streak ends and she goes back to over 60 seizures a day, this reprieve has been amazing. The plant from the gods! She has had at least a 70% reduction in seizures the last couple days thanks to the oil.

I didn’t believe it could happen for her. We’ve been working with MX:BIOTECH out of Eugene and have been giving her different micro-doses of cannabis oil. After the first few batches (each made of 3-5 different strains) had no effect on her seizures, I had quietly given up hope. But we went on. Each time we met with Troy Morris, he gave us just that little bit of encouragement and we kept trying. We figured we could at least be confident in ruling out cannabis and we could help Troy in his research. Then along came ‘Cohort H’. Lydia became really hot, really sleepy, and just sort of didn’t have dozens of seizures anymore. We are still reeling.

From here we need to work towards more and more dilutions of the oil until she has no side-effects (the sleepiness), yet retains the seizure reduction. Troy said he’s never seen anyone need to ‘be high’ in order to have it work, although she’s an outlier so we are watching for that possibility. The photo above is from just before we started Cohort H, her eyes have barely been open since we started. She’s a bit angry when she’s awake. Super sluggish and immobilized. We’re hoping we can get the dose down and keep her seizure-reduced yet more alert. The crazy thing is her dose has only been one drop every 8 hours. One drop. Really. One. I gave her a drop this morning that was five times diluted and she still isn’t opening her eyes. I will dilute some more and try again tonight…

Talk about a Christmas present. It is the only thing I’ve wanted every day with every particle of my being for nearly two years. A miracle.