Lydia’s Amazing Trick at One Year Old

Lydia is very developmentally delayed. I’m hoping ‘delayed’ means that she will still learn to do things given enough time. However, I’m not unreasonable and I’m not asking for juggling or rock climbing, I’d just like her to be able to sit up on her own someday and maybe reach for stuff. It’s not milestones, I heard someone say, it’s inchstones.

At 9-months Lydia still wasn’t turning her head from side-to-side or holding it up at all. But now, so gradually I’m not sure when it happened, Lydia can not only turn her head but she can fling it upward! She’s not able to hold it steady for very long yet, but for the first time ever, I can see that she will make progress. It sends a kind of giddiness through me that would seem completely insane on paper – “Area Mom is Delighted Child Can Hold Own Head Up.” Yup. That is how easily I am pleased. But it’s not easy is it? Not for this little girl. She’s been working so hard. At first she would cry and cry when I’d put her like this. Now she knows what I want her to do and does it – keep pushing!

This video is of Lydia on her first birthday, in her party dress.