A Comparison of Epilepsy Treatments

First off let me say that I have no agenda. I’m just a mother trying to evaluate the best options for her kid. I chose reputable websites and legitimate-sounding studies where I could, and sought to cross-reference each article with at least one additional online source. I’m no neurologist (in case you hadn’t noticed) but I was an English major.

So here’s my latest nerd project. (click link below)


Lydia is one of the 30% of people with drug-resistant epilepsy. She’s still on a lot of medicines. We’ve also moved on to trying the Ketogenic Diet. She hasn’t improved so far but we are supposed to give the diet at least three months or more. I don’t think she is eligible for brain surgery because her seizures don’t come from a focal area. None of the doctors have brought it up and neither have I – yet. One of her neurologists said she could try the Vagus Nerve Stimulator if the keto diet doesn’t work. I’ve included medical marijuana and CDB oil on the comparison chart of possible treatments. We have not tried either of these things for Lydia. I’m still making up my mind, weighing up the risks and benefits. Research will make me feel better so expect to see more.