Two Weeks After Starting the Keto Diet . . .

Lydia is still having a lot of seizures. Fifty a day? A hundred? I’m burning out the clicker counter. I bottomed out my misery ship last week being disappointed that she wasn’t instantly better on the keto diet. Sank. To. The. Bottom. Seaweed in my eyes, fish in my nose holes, the whole metaphor. No one got Christmas cards this year. Sorry about that. I was on the bottom of the ocean.

But things aren’t all bad. I mean, look how adorable the kids are. Jack gave that candy cane to his sister for a whole minute before taking it back to eat it. And there’s the pink punky bracelet he chose for her Christmas present. And just look at Lydia’s precious dress! Jack got the pirate ship he wanted for Christmas. Focusing on the little things…


And also, maybe in my head, but I think Lydia has been really alert since starting the diet. She’ll spend an hour looking around with big, bright eyes. I don’t think that would happen more than 15 minutes at a time before. This is good news. She even outlasted her brother one busy afternoon (see below).

IMG_5950 IMG_5944 IMG_5942 IMG_5939

Also my kids are cute. Did I mention that? Adorable.

Oh sorry and I should mention that the diet can still work. We’re supposed to give it at least three months. Maybe even six. So there’s still hope!