Cold Little Feet


Aw, poor Lydia always has cold feet. I am constantly trying to warm them with my hands. Often they are dark purple or bright red. Her physical therapist commented on the coldness of her hands and feet and said it is related to her neurological problems. To test her circulation, he pressed his thumb onto the bottom of her foot and said the white thumbprint should go away after three seconds or less. Well it took closer to ten seconds.

I came home and googled “cold feet cerebral palsy” and a lot of anecdotal stories came up plus one study that was published on Science Daily. It said, “These children have a disorder that can make it difficult to express how they feel, but it must be unpleasant to have cold hands and feet.”

Aw! Poor girl!

One blogger with cerebral palsy said it is an actual condition called peripheral vascular disease (PVD), but the last thing I want is one more disease on my hands (no pun intended). And I don’t think she has PVD. So I’m just going to say she has cold little feet and leave it at that . . . Then I’m going to add a second pair of socks.