Cheeks on Steroids, No Really


Lydia is now on Prednisolone (a steroid) to try and control her seizures. She’s still taking all the other stuff too so she gets quite the colorful cocktail of uppers and downers running through her system. Mostly she just sort of sits there in a mellow, half-aware sort of state and I joke to the doctors – “this is as excited as she gets and this is my baby on steroids.” But I caught a good smile as you can see. She’s still in there. In those cheeks somewhere. The weirdest part about the steroids is that they are keeping my very mellow baby up at night. She likes to have a fuss party between midnight and 3am. That’s her fav.

Ok, maybe the weirdest part of the steroids is actually the little tuft of fur growing between her eyebrows. She’s got a blonde unibrow developing. Lucky for her it is too light to show in photos. Just something a mother would notice.

So is the Prednisolone working? Not yet. But we’ll try this for two weeks then wean off. If no miracle of seizure-stoppage happens then we will finally get to try the Ketogenic Diet sometime in December.