Lydia’s Sight


During our tour-de-docs last week to hit six appointments in four days, we stopped at an eye guy (optometrist? opthamologist?). We picked up four more items for our list o’ special problems: unspecified nystagmus, unspecified visual field defect, monocular exotropia and visual cortex disorder/cortical blindness. Don’t ask me what any of that means. I have sworn off googling these things. I will mention that when he added the ‘cortical blindness’ diagnosis, he advised me not to freak out. Apparently it is something we can work on. You know, just a little BLINDNESS to take care of. She definitely sees a little bit and she particularly loves her raccoon with it’s bold black-and-white face (thanks auntie B). And I’ve caught her chatting with her mobile animals a few times. Our challenge is to work on improving what vision she has by adding the eye guy to our therapy rotation. . . and having some serious playtime with mr. raccoon.

IMG_4779 IMG_4809 IMG_4798