New Old-Vanagon


Mark and I have been mush-mushing for years and gradually omitting the small pleasures in life. In order to slow down and smell the roses, we’ve bought an 85′ Vanagon and have fresh flowers in the house every week. (A tad literal, but what the heck.) We figured trips to doctors appointments would be way more fun in a Vanagon, although I have to learn to drive it because I still don’t do manual gears. Camping photos will be coming…just as soon as we fix a few things and can make it out of the driveway…just kidding. Kind of.

Lydia, if your time is short here or if it isn’t, we want to make it beautiful and full of pleasure. You shall have nothing but your favorite pacifiers and the softest blankets around you. Thank you for having us along.

(A buzzillion thanks to James and Tammie for all their help on this rig. You can borrow it anytime!)


This week’s floral joyfulness. (The spectacular dahlias are from Chery’s garden.)