Blood Draw


Lydia is zonked out after her blood draw this morning. Today they were testing for optimum levels of topomax and phenobarbituate in her system. Things went better than last time. I knew to keep her extra warm and extra hydrated. The phlebotomist still ended up trying on both arms but at least it wasn’t a team of four holding her down as she had screamed between seizures. Yeah. That was no fun. And, at least Jack wasn’t there to get his hand stuck in the elevator door this time. Yeah, that happened too. Right after the horrible blood draw.

Strangely enough, as I passed that same elevator today there was actually a mom telling her son, “be careful or your hand will get stuck in the elevator door.” I confirmed to the kid that it was indeed possible, perhaps even likely given that my son wasn’t actually playing with the door or anything stupid. Just going about his business like any other day…”See,” the mom said, while scooting her son away from the ominous stranger-lady. “It could happen to you too.”