Lydia Blackbird


For me, tarot is just another way to think of things. I’m not a believer in that stuff but anyway, I pulled the blackbird card for Lydia recently. (uh, yes I know there’s no blackbird card you die-hard-tarot-traditionalists, the reader was using Druid Animal Oracle Cards – so there).

Mythology around the blackbird says that it is able to move between seen and unseen worlds and can sing a listener into a trance that enables him or her to travel between worlds as well. The blackbird is also said to bring mystic secrets or lessons learned in meditation.  The blackbird is said to be good to call upon when spiritual matters are at hand.

So it is appropriate that I picked the blackbird card for Lydia. The tarot reader described Lydia as halfway between this world and another world. She said tried to get here but just couldn’t quite make it. She also said that she chose me, that she chose us, and that she’s asking we take care of her while she’s here. She said that she will pass into the next world but will come back for the rest of our lives (and our next lives) in other ways. She said that not everyone will understand her or be open to her gifts but that she will deeply touch those that are open to her. She said that she is very, very precious.

No kidding. That is the tarot reading I got and how much more perfectly could she be described? So, Lydia Unicorn, you are also Lydia Blackbird.

And this is about as close to religious as I get…