13 Doctors, 3 Hospitals

Lydia has many doctors trying to help her:

A general pediatrician for normal baby stuff (1), a pediatric neurologist for controlling seizures (2), a geneticist for figuring out a diagnosis (3), a developmental pediatrician for coordinating her therapy team (4), a speech therapist (5), a physical therapist (6), a pediatric eye specialist (7), and we’ll potentially be adding a nutritionist (8), a neurosurgeon (9), and whatever team comes with participating in the ketogenic diet (10-12?). Oh yeah and our Oriental Medicine Practitioner and dear friend, Anna (13).

We go to Legacy Emanuel (1), Portland Providence (2) and eventually OHSU for the Ketogenic diet stuff (3).

She’s had an EEG (1), an MRI (2), a metabolic blood test (3), a genetic test (4) and soon a swallow study (5).

We also have bi-weekly blood draws and lots of insurance calls.

It is pretty crazy. But I am so very grateful we can do all this.