New Gear


Lydia has some new gear to help make her life easier and to make us feel like we are able to do something for her. She has a new chair that reclines with added neck pillow so we can sit face-to-face and chat. She is obviously very happy about this (see above photo). She also has some new tipped bottles to help her eat a little faster, and these oh-so-blue thumb splints.


She clenches her fists a lot, holding her thumbs. These splints are intended to prevent muscle contractures, or the permanent shortening of her muscles and joints. We are also supposed to stretch and open her hands. She is less keen on the splints. Or maybe it’s just me that doesn’t like them. They are the first sign of her not being able to “pass” as a normal baby… provided you don’t know she still can’t hold her own head up I suppose.

Let’s see that new chair happiness again…