3 – Shock

Mark was spending the night away for a work meeting. I called him and said, “She has an EEG in the morning. This is the beginning of finding out what’s going on with her.” He drove all night to be with us for the appointment.

I was hopeful all through the EEG. I was still hopeful when they checked us into the hospital for an emergency MRI. I was hopeful all through the very long, long day. The hospital staff was friendly and professional, friends all pitched in to take care of Jack while we were at the hospital, the views from the room were beautiful and Lydia was very comfortable and not fussy at all…things seemed to be going okay. We waited. Then the neurologist came in to talk about the findings of the MRI and it wasn’t until most of the way through her speech that I understood just how bad things were. Five brain malformations.

Five (!)

Brain (!)

Malformations (!)


Holy shit.