Lydia is 5!

Lydia turned five! (Her birthday was March 9th). She had a pizza party at home with the family and the neighbors came over too. She ate the frosting off her cake and the… Continue reading

Momi’s Birth

As one could expect, I am a bit behind on blog updates since becoming a mother of three. Lydia’s new baby sister was born on October 11th! Seven pounds seven ounces. Tufty black… Continue reading

We’re having another baby!

Mark used to say he wanted to have a whole soccer team of kids. He came from a big family of five boys. I figured two seemed reasonable and am an only child… Continue reading

Lydia’s Make-A-Wish Came True!

Frequent daily seizures keep little Lydia from being able to connect with the world around her. Much of the time, Lydia sits in her chair and has to be coached into looking at… Continue reading

Vision Improvements

You guys. I have some good news. Lydia’s eye doctor and her CVI teacher said that her eyesight is actually IMPROVING! She had a special eye exam where they dim the lights and… Continue reading