Socially Distant Mother SHOW

I cheat on you, blog! I have been part of a memoirs writing group for the last two? three? years. My writing mentor (um, really, LIFE mentor) suggested I submit one of my… Continue reading

Surreal Days

What surreal days. Technically, Denver is still under a “social distancing” level of Covid-19 prevention but we have been “sheltering in place” since last Saturday. By that I mean we cancelled all appointments… Continue reading

A difficult decision…

The click of a door latch…the pop of cracking an eggshell on the lip of a bowl…the scratch of a fork on a ceramic plate during dinner…the clap of the garden gate swinging… Continue reading

Goal-Breaking Fundraiser!

Such great news. This is an excerpt from the letter we received from Heather Cameron, Anchor Center’s Executive Director: We were humbled by the amount of support and love Anchor Center received from the nearly 500… Continue reading

Anchor Center Sunset in the Country

Anchor Center for Blind Children was Lydia’s first school experience and it was a truly magical place for her, and for us. We are still friends with the families we met there, and… Continue reading