Medical Adventure Updates

Urology Part II – Not much to report yet. We had a second ultrasound done and the abnormal growth in her bladder was the same size. It wasn’t described as a growth this… Continue reading

Urology and the unDynamic Void

  Previously: Lydia’s labs were a little high so GI sent her to have a kidney and bladder scan. The ultrasound found debris in her bladder and an abnormal growth. So then the… Continue reading

Sometimes Things are Difficult

Sometimes things are difficult. Lydia has been having 40 to 50 seizures a day pretty much since she was 3 months old. During the worst period, she had 100 or more seizures every… Continue reading

Adaptive Skiing in Colorado

Lydia has been taking an after-school class through the Colorado Foundation for Conductive Education and it has been great for her in more ways than one. They have an approach that I feel… Continue reading

Lydia is 6!

Happy birthday miss Lydia! Here is a list of some of your favorite things: Snuggling deep into the covers with legs wrapped close at night, room filled with cricket sounds or forest chirps… Continue reading