Deciding on a G-tube

In 2014, when I took Lydia to the hospital for her VNS surgery, my anxiety during the procedure took me by surprise. We had been single-minded in our determination to try everything to… Continue reading


I know this photo is blurry and washed-out (oh those crappy Android phone pics), but it is my favorite of the last year. Just look at the joy in the faces of these… Continue reading

Preschool Video

When we moved to Colorado, I started looking for resources for vision impairment and was led to the Anchor Center for Blind Children. It turned out to be one of the best schools… Continue reading

Lydia in Kindergarten

Oh how behind I am. Lydia started KINDERGARTEN today and I haven’t even written about preschool yet! Well who needs chronology with the timelessness of the internet anyway right? So I am going… Continue reading

Lydia is 5!

Lydia turned five! (Her birthday was March 9th). She had a pizza party at home with the family and the neighbors came over too. She ate the frosting off her cake and the… Continue reading