Being part of a community of Lydia-like children and their families is both essential to our well-being, and yet very hard. There is a significant amount of loss. By that, I mean there is a significant amount of death. There is loss as well, such as your expectations of how your child’s life was supposed … Continue reading Remembering

PEAK Parent Center Blog and Colorado Parent Magazine

I am a big fan of Colorado's Parent Training Information Center (PTI), called PEAK Parent Center. This month I was honored to be invited to write a post. The theme was getting outdoors. Here is the link: What is a Parent Training Information Center? Well every state has one and if you have questions … Continue reading PEAK Parent Center Blog and Colorado Parent Magazine

Trial Device #2

When we had to return the Tobii Dynavox talker device at the end of the trial period, Lydia became disinterested trying to communicate with her old methods (Yes/No switches and head nods/shakes). She started sleeping through her online learning classes again and wasn't using her switches as much. I guess once she had seen the … Continue reading Trial Device #2